Wellness & Prevention
Handwashing | Wellness & Prevention
Find out what the simple act of washing your hands can do to prevent the spread of disease and promote a healthy lifestyle.
Kids Fitness | Wellness & Prevention
The annual Kids Fitness and Nutrition Day brings area 4th grade students together for a fun day learning about fitness and nutriton.
Surveillance | Wellness & Prevention
Learn what the Public Health Department does to curb the spread of comminucable diseases in our area.
Tobacco | Wellness & Prevention
Learn the facts about tobacco products, how they harm your body, and find area resources on giving it up for good.
Walk to Health | Wellness & Prevention
The objective of the Walk to Health program is to build awareness of individual physical activity within the eight county health district. Additionally, the program will evaluate any changes in individual health habits.
West Nile Virus | Wellness & Prevention
See how West Nile Virus is affecting Southwest Nebraska and find out what you can do to help prevent the spread of this disease.
Workplace Wellness | Wellness & Prevention
Learn beneficial tips to promote healthy lifestyles in your workplace.