Training | Preparedness

Volunteers are needed to help others during and after a disater happens.

The role faith-based organizations (FBO) will play in response to a disaster may be more valuable and effective than that of any government agency. They can be most effective if they are trained in disaster response and can integrate into the formal emergency response network before the disaster occurs. SWNPHD has offered our local FBOs several trainings and has a group organized to assist during a disaster response, but we are always looking for more volunteers to train and serve.

It takes a village to be prepared. During a public health response, volunteers are going to be critical to carrying out an effective response, to protect the health and lives of our friends and neighbors. SWNPHD maintains Community Preparedness Committees in each of their counties, which is responsible for planning and training to dispense medication to everyone within their county during a public health emergency among other response activities. We welcome anyone who would like to be a part of this committee.

Contact Heidi Wheeler, ERC to become a volunteer.