Target Your Health | Health Services
Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department is now offering Onsite Wellness Screening to all businesses. The new Target Your Health program kicked off December 19th.

This great opportunity lets employers show their appreciation to their employees by providing onsite wellness screenings. The finger prick screening will tests for Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Pulse, and BMI. Each employee will complete a general health risk assessment. Instant results and educational information is provided in a one-on-one with the employee.

The employer receives and overall health status report. This information is helpful to the businesses workplace wellness program. The employee's personal health information will be kept confidential. Maintaining privacy and security of your personal health information is SWNPHD's top priority.

The cost for the screening is billed through each employee's private insurance. Most insurance companies cover the screenings under preventative with no co-pay. If employee has no insurance, call for our rates.

It's simple:

- Fast 12 hours before testing
- Quick screening process (10 - 15 minutes per employee)
- Immediate results and education
- Employer report to follow
- For more information and to schedule your onsite wellness screening contact Denise Ringenberg, Marketing Coordinator.

308-345-4223 or email