Data & Resources

Data is available for your use and general information on the welfare of the health district. Data may be useful in writing grants or in comparing programs to create a Healthier Community with Healthy People living in it. Use the links below to view the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services data for our service area:

Behavioral Risk Factors
Area Births
Area Deaths

Nebraska Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2011 - 2014 Local and District Public Health Department Data for Select Health Indicators: The purpose of this summary table is to supplement other Nebraska Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System reporting efforts including narrative reports, fact sheets, and the Nebraska BRFSS Web Query System.

Public Health Prevention Funding Report 2014. Prevention efforts funded in these pilot projects focused on local programs to decrease obesity prevent complications from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. The projects increased access to medical and dental homes, worksite wellness services…all with the intent to prevent disease and disability and to assure health preventive services for children and adults. pdf

CDC’s Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) 2015 is an interactive web application that produces health profiles for all 3,143 counties in the United States. Each profile includes key indicators of health outcomes, which describe the population health status of a county and factors that have the potential to influence health outcomes, such as health care access and quality, health behaviors, social factors (economic and social conditions that may directly or indirectly influence the health of people and communities) and the physical environment (the natural environment (air, water, and soil) and the built environment (safe and affordable housing, transportation, access to nutritious and affordable food.) The social factors and the physical environment are especially important because they represent the conditions in which people are born, live, work, and play. Key features include:

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2015 survey for SWNPHD.

Census by county from 1970 to 2012 as compiled by NDHHS:

Census Data by County projected by year:

Public Health Association of Nebraska (PHAN): This link leads you to public health data available for Nebraskans.

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. How Healthy is your Community?  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program has county rankings and roadmaps on the County Health Rankings website.

Nebraska Statewide Needs Assessment Developed January 31, 2012, Nebraska Statewide Health Needs Assessment serves as a foundation for setting statewide health priories. 

2012-13 School Immunization Survey Results Compares state immunization rates to Southwest Nebraska Public Health Departments eight counties.

2013-14 School Immunization Survey Results Compares state immunization rates to Southwest Nebraska Public Health Departments eight counties.

State of Nebraska Statistics and Reports State data to covering most health issues over variety of years.

Network of Care Compares community health data to the state and national target.

Needs Assessment-Issue Briefs These issue briefs give a snapshot on the health status on Nebraskans.  Select the area of interest to obtain data on that specific area.

FROG (Fitness Reaching Older Gens) was developed to decease falls in the elderly. The program is designed to build strength, endurance, and agility. Click here to download instruction manual.